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We had the pleasure of working with Jason for a number of years.  Recently, we were thrilled to sell our current home higher than our initial expectations – only in 2 days.  Moreover, we were able to find a lovely home in our desired location at a great price. Jason’s market analysis provides his clients with a holistic overview of recent real estate market trends.  This analysis allows his clients to understand the different factors impacting the price of a home and enter the market with a reasonable bid/ask price range. I found this process to be extremely helpful during the our recent sale and purchase transactions. Furthermore, Jason understands that buying and selling homes can be an overwhelming experience for many of his clients.  He does his best to simplify this process by offering contacts of qualified contractors/interior designers/cleaning services/furniture stores – only at the request of his clients.  I had the chance to work with his contacts recently, and can confirm that the experience was very positive. Lastly, Jason is a deal maker and an utmost fiduciary for his clients.  Whether it’s running door-to-door on a rainy day to promote an upcoming open house listing or pointing out flaws that are less obvious to first-time buyers, Jason works tirelessly to ensure that his clients get the best price for the right home of their choice. I recommend Jason to anyone out there looking for a personable agent with strong market knowledge and work ethic.

Thomas K. & Jenny C.

As a first time home buyer, it was a dream to have Jason as my agent! He is extremely knowledgeable, considerate, very responsive, reliable and patient. Because of this, I was able to trust Jason entirely during the whole process of searching for the perfect first home. I am very satisfied and happy with my recent purchase and would very much recommend Jason to my family and friends."

-Kristine F.


There are lots of real estate agents in today’s market. That is why it is important, especially for first home buyers, like us, to have an agent not only professional but also knowledgeable and caring. If you have been looking for an agent who can be your trustworthy partner in your nerve-wrecking but exciting home purchase journey, you’ve just found one. We highly recommend Jason Hong for finding your dream home!

-Jeongeun L. and Hyeongcheol K.

Jason has handled multiple listings for myself ranging from personal to business. In every transaction, I have come to expect and regularly receive his promptness and professionalism.  All transactions always feel easy and simple when Jason is involved. I would not hesitate in recommending Jason's services for any transaction.
- Raneh P.


After having a brilliant experience finding a rental property with Jason two years ago, I had no hesitation working with him once again to purchase a new home; and I am glad that I have made the right decision. I could never thank and praise Jason enough for what he has done for me and my family. He is a true professional who is very hard working and knowledgeable. He provided us with honest opinions and gave us earnest advice so that we could make the right choice. With the limited time we had, Jason was flexible to work around our schedule to accommodate us as best as he could. Even when we had to leave Ontario for 3 weeks, he checked for new listings that might interest us many times every single day and updated us; for some properties, he even visited them himself to check them out, took pictures, and sent them to us. Whenever we came up with a question and would shoot Jason a text message or an email, he got back to us right away. In addition, Jason managed to bring the purchase price down by a lot after going through heated negotiations with the sellers. He sincerely cares for his clients and he made us feel as if we were his only client. It is very challenging to describe everything that Jason has done for us in such a short testimonial. I was very fortunate to be Jason’s client, and I would definitely contact him again if I have any real estate needs in the future. I highly recommend Jason, and I believe me, you will be impressed. Thank you very much, Jason!

-Angela H.


"With so many realtors in the GTA finding the right realtor to make the largest purchase of our lives was very difficult for me and my wife. After endlessly researching different realtors on the internet we are so glad we choose Jason Hong. He is honest, knowledgeable, and most importantly patient with our never ending concerns as first time home buyers. During our initial meeting he made sure to fully understand what we want in our first home and informed us of the positive and negatives of each area we were interested in. Jason genuinely cared for our needs as first time home buyers and never rushed us through the process. His professionalism allowed us to be comfortable and his knowledge gave us the necessary information to make decisions based on our needs. Although the housing market during our time of purchase was very hot to say the least, he was able to find a detached home in a neighbourhood we fell in love with at the price we were both comfortable with.  We highly recommend Jason and will definitely choose him again when we sell our home in the future!"
-Steve C. and Christine L.


Hanna and I cannot thank Jason enough for everything he’s done. We were at a particular situation where  we had to first sell our property and then look for a new one – within a very short amount of time due to the nature of my job. We already knew that Jason was more than capable of handling our situation, but when the push came to shove Jason went well above and beyond our expectation and imagination. He is the definition of “two more steps.” Our condo was sold within 3 days. 3 days! The market average was 30+ days. As soon as the property was sold Jason started his research and found multiple properties within our parameters and requirements. We are delighted to say that we are a new homeowner thanks to him, and everything done well within our time restriction. Jason constantly informs, communicates, suggests and advises. He recognizes that your time is valuable and makes sure that he is ready before any engagement. What we were particularly surprised was that Jason picked up on even the smallest detail, even things that we mentioned on a whim, or even those we do not even remember mentioning to him, which in the end result helped us find the perfect place. To those that do not just want a realtor, but a realtor who fights for you as if he is doing it for his own property, Hanna and I are absolutely confident that Jason is your guy.  
-Albert K & Hanna P.


저는 이번에 지인의 소개로 제이슨 홍 리얼터를 추천 받아 예쁜 타운하우스를 구입하였습니다. 저는 투자 목적과 자녀 교육에 중심을 두고 집을 알아보았는데 GTA내에 있는 여러지역 중 제 케이스에 적합한 곳을 잘 추천해 주셨습니다. 집을 보러 갈때도 일반인 들이 쉽게 파악할수 없는 부분까지 잘 체크해 주시고 최종 결정 단계에서 더 올바른 판단을 할 수 있도록 많은 정보를 주셨습니다. 그리고 집 구매 오퍼를 넣는 상황에서 가능한 한 좋은 가격에 거래가 이루어 질 수 있도록 저와 수시로 연락하며 조절해 나가시는 모습을 보았습니다. 제가 토론토에서 2시간 정도 거리에 거주 하고 있어서 집을 보러 다닐때 조금 어려움이 있었지만 한번 토론토를 방문 할때 최대한 많은 곳을 보여 주려고 노력하셔서 여러 집을 비교하며 더 저에게 맞는 집을 고를수 있었습니다. 이번에 이렇게 좋은 집을 구매할수 있게 도와주신 제이슨 홍 리얼터께 감사드리며 제 지인에게도 추천해 줄 수 있는 리얼터 라고 생각 합니다. 감사합니다.

-HyungJin L.


Jason Hong is an extremely competent real estate agent. He is very informative of the property market in and around Toronto. He is very organized and prompt. He carries a printer and a scanner with him at all times. So if you are in a hurry of making an offer right on the spot, whether for buying or for leasing a property, Jason can set you up in minutes. Given that the GTA property market is extremely dynamic, this is indeed an extremely good quality to have in an agent. Jason is also a very nice and helpful guy and he tries his best to do anything within his reach that you request him to do. He is also your guy and would actually work in your interest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know who is interested in buying, selling or leasing a property in and around Toronto. My best wishes are with him. I met Jason through my daughter and son-in-law that were very happy with his services. Jason is a TOP OF THE LINE AGENT.  Very professional with clients and fellow agents. He is very aware of the emotional component of searching for a home and he is VERY patient. Thank you Jason!

-Koushik P.


I got referred to Jason from a friend of mine who said nothing but great things. I was excited to meet Jason and get the ball rolling on finding myself a rental unit in Toronto. It only took a few days for Jason to find exactly what I was looking for. Jason made sure I took my time to figure out exactly what I wanted, there was never any rush. He always gave his honest opinion, he was fast in action and responses. Jason quickly arranged times to visit condos I was interested in, which was one of the reasons I could seize a good deal and find a nice home in a great location. Jason is patient, friendly and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience working with him and I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family!”
-Lauren P.


"I had the pleasure of working with Jason when we were searching for our new home.  I couldn't be happier with his service and our beautiful new home!  The service I received from him far exceeded my expectations.  To say that Jason went above and beyond to find me the perfect home is an understatement.  I was very particular about what I was looking for (and had a tight timeline), and Jason took the time to understand exactly what I wanted and only presented me with properties that fit my specific criteria.  He continuously searched the market and was in constant communication with me throughout the process.  He made himself available when it worked for my schedule, and was always very organized and efficient in planning showings. I have, and will continue to recommend Jason to friends, family and colleagues.  Jason is friendly, resourceful, and extremely well organized.  It was an absolute pleasure working with him.  Thanks for everything Jason!"

-Jessica Naumoff


Jason was actually a referral from a good friend of ours and we are so happy to have chosen him as our realtor. As first time home buyers, we came in knowing nothing about buying a home. Jason was patient with telling us all we needed to know (had to repeat it quite a few times during the process) and made sure everything ran smoothly. As first time home buyers, we were sending him listings we wanted to view everyday and he always made sure we saw them as soon as possible. Not only that, he was always honest with his opinion of the homes as well. When we finally decided to make an offer (the first and last offer, thanks to Jason) he taught us step by step what to do and gave us his expert advice which eventually landed us our dream home. Jason was an absolute pleasure to work with and we can’t thank him enough for everything. Alex and i will definitely continue to work with Jason in the future!! 

-Daisy and Alex


Our endless searching for the right home in the market like this wasn't an easy journey. It was rather stressful in most cases and we were about to give up. However, Jason was the one that helped us overcome, and made this long and boring process  more pleasant experience. In the past, we worked with many different agents, but once we found Jason, we didn't look back. He's a trustworthy agent. He was honest, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Whenever we had a question, he was right there with an answer. His advices were informative and helped us make right decisions. With his guidance, we found the house we love, and we could land a deal. His negotiating skill was impressive during this process, and we were happy with his service. I would definitely refer him to anyone who's about to buy or sell their home. Why would you go anywhere else when you know you have the best here. 

-Chris & MJ


Anyone can say that they will deliver "above and beyond, exceeding expectations," but Jason has kept his word from day one. We couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent to represent us. He was extremely patient, answered every question that we had, and always kept us in the loop. He is very hard working and detailed oriented. It was evident that he puts his clients first. As first home buyers, it was intimidating being in the market, but Jason guided us through everything and made every interaction smooth. He fought hard for our deal and made sure we were within our budget. If you're looking for a reliable, honest, trustworthy and professional real estate agent, Jason is your go to person. We will definitely be referring him to all of our friends and family. We can proudly say that he went above and beyond, and exceeded our expectations!

-Andrew K. & Tina P.


I was looking for property in the Yonge corridor between Finch Ave. and Sheppard Ave., and was referred to Mr. Hong. He was extremely knowledgeable in the area I was concentrating on, always answered the phone when I called, and responded to inquiries with speed and accuracy. When it came time to negotiate the selling price, Mr. Hong set reasonable expectations and worked tirelessly to get to the range I was comfortable with. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to purchase a first or subsequent home. Well done!

-Jason L


Jason listened to what we wanted, explained thoroughly what the market offers, made a list of what would match our wants, narrowed down a list of his own recommendations after reviewing every single property on his own, and negotiated exceptionally well on our behalf to secure the property. He is a truly dedicated, honest professional. Among the better agents I have dealt with throughout numerous real estate dealings I’ve had over the years, I would definitely trust Jason to my friends and family!! 

-Sunghoon and Hyojin


We were so fortunate to have Jason as our real estate agent. We were first-time home buyer with very little knowledge about how to find the right house in right place, especially in this extremely competitive and crazy market. Thanks to his efforts and knowledge, we were able to find our dream home in our price rage within a month! Throughout the entire process, he was professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy, and when it came time to put an offer in, he was able to expertly negotiate and get us a very good deal in such a seller’s market. I would strongly recommend Jason and if I were going to buy another, definitely will go with Jason again

- Rick and Sunny


As first time home buyers we needed someone honest, reliable, someone who would understand our needs and we made the right choice choosing Jason as our agent. As a dedicated realtor, he accommodated our busy schedules, used our time efficiently and paid close attention to our needs. His friendliness, efficiency and professionalism made our house hunting experience much smoother and his knowledge was of great value. In the end thanks to Jason and his hard work, we found the perfect home.

-Cedric L. and Sharon N.


Over the last couple of months, my wife and I had the pleasure of working with Jason Hong and his team to sell our current condo and purchase our dream home. In order to provide us with an accurate assessment of our condo unit, Jason and his team prepared an excellent analysis of the current market conditions in the area.  The pictures and the multimedia were top notch, and Jason didn’t waste any time by previewing properties of interest and providing his own feedback each and every time. Jason is an extremely personable agent who looks after his clients – first and foremost.  His genuine approach was very refreshing, and it ultimately helped us find the perfect home at a phenomenal price. 

-Thomas & Jenny 


Jason is a very dedicated friend. The reason I say he is a friend as he treats his client from long term perspective. Within 2-3 months, he reviewed every single house base on my criteria, then discuss, advise and adjust our search, eventually he helped me find my dream home with my price range. He is very friendly with a great personality. He thinks exactly from his clients point of view, makes his client great satisfaction. From helping me to find my house, assist me with a great deal of mortgage, get key from lawyer, find a reliable contractor, I can't be more happy with what he has done. Thank you very much Jason! 

-Rose L


Wow! Where do I start? Jason Hong is an amazing real estate broker! I was in the market of buying a new condo and was referred to Jason by a mutual friend. I can't begin to express my extreme pleasure with his services! I hadn't bought property in a while so the process was a bit daunting. Jason however was nothing but wonderful! He took the time to answer all my questions in a clear, precise and highly professional manner. Once I found my "dream home" Jason worked tirelessly and well into the evening negotiating with the sellers to get me the best price possible. I would highly recommend Jason to anybody who is looking for a realtor who will work hard to make your dreams of home ownership a reality!

-Soula Z.


If you're looking for an agent to find the right home then Jason Hong is the guy . He listens to what you're looking for and works his magic in finding that perfect home. He is very detail-oriented and precise. Jason is honest and if he is not sure of something, he is quick at getting back to you with an answer. He knows what he's talking about and does his job well. We would recommend Jason to anyone and everyone! Jason you are awesome! Thank you for all the hard work and time you've put in finding our beautiful home for our family.

-Tina and Justin


"Jason was an incredible help in our search for home. He was straightforward and honest, and worked tirelessly to find the right place for us. He made sure to understand our needs and worked to refine the search along the way. He was patient with us, made sure we had all the information we needed, and was always quick to respond to any questions or queries we had. It was a pleasure working with him, and we would highly recommend Jason to anyone searching for the right place to call home." 

-Abril & Shawn


After having Jason as my agent, I need to say I really enjoyed from Jason’s manner and the way he is working. He is smart and understands exactly what you need. Jason is very well-organized, friendly, and pragmatic. I strongly recommend him for everyone who needs an honest and professional real estate agent.



I worked with Jason to buy my first condo.  I didn't need to worry about anything because the information (city plan, mortgage broker, ect.) that Jason provided me was helpful to decide the condo. Thus, I worked with him again to buy my second condo. He is genuine and caring agent.  I definitely recommend him to my all friends. Thank you!!

-Minjung K.


Jason is an amazing agent that works with the integrity and efficacy. He is always on time and respectful of my time as well. He works mornings, afternoons, nights to get my questions answered. He fought hard to get my deal through at a price that I was comfortable with.

-Jackson H.


"When I was about to give up any hope of purchasing my first home. Jason came to the rescue. With the help of his suggestions and information that were right on point, I'm extremely happy to find a house that fits my taste while being within my budget. He was very dedicated and knowledgeable about the market even more so than I'd have hoped to obtain. For anyone looking to find their home, I'd definitely suggest calling Jason for help."

-Wonbin M.


A huge thank you to Jason Hong for making my condo renting experience a positive one. I never felt pressured into anything and Jason was awesome at getting viewings booked. He was knowledgeable and excellent at pointing out different aspects of each condo we viewed. He was very professional and efficient in getting the job done. I recommend Jason to anyone looking to purchase, sell or renting a property. He is reliable, friendly, honest and unbelievably competent at his job. He will put you first and get the job done! Thanks for everything

-James C.


“My experience with Jason was nothing short of excellent. I was a first time home purchaser and Jason walked me through every step of the process. He was readily available whenever I needed him and made everything so simple and convenient. I was most impressed with his level of patience and professionalism. He never tried to push me into a deal that he didn’t see fit for me. He truly has a “client-first” mentality and only has your best interests at heart. Whether you are purchasing your first home or your 10th home, I highly recommend Jason Hong as your next realtor”. 

-Ben I.


My husband and I were in urgent need of finding a place to move in. And we are so thankful to have Jason as our agent because he made all the process stress free. This was our first time renting a condo and his guidance through the process was extremely helpful. We found Jason to be honest, diligent and friendly yet professional with strong work ethics. His responsiveness via phone and email exceeded our expectations. On top of all that, we were very impressed how much he cares for his client's needs. We are very happy with our new place and I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to anyone who is looking for an agent who genuinely cares about his clients. 

-Holly S & Christian B


This was my first time to sell property so my family and I were quite anxious about the whole process. Jason understands that time is precious and it is money. He wasted no time analyzing the market value of the property and advertising it for selling. I couldn’t be more pleased with his efficiency and prompt response to my queries and requests throughout the process. It has been a great pleasure working with him and I thank him so much for helping me selling the property. I would definitely recommend him to all my family and friends.

-Sung Jung H.


I was coming from NB to Toronto looking for a good spot to live in. Before I was introduced to Jason Hong, the speed and efficiency with the other agent was slow and dull.  But it all turned around when I was introduced to Jason Hong. He was very efficient with his work always responding promptly and accurately and gave me plenty of options to choose from that were fitting into my criteria.Especially in my situation, which I was moving to Toronto in a such short notice and urgently, to fit in schedule of my moving date, my son’s school enrolment. I had a lot of requests such as, good neighbourhood, walking distance to school, conveniences to get around the city. During these times he led me step by step and also was very negotiable. Jason has always done more than I have asked. I definitely would recommend him to my friends or family, as well as I will continue to do business with him if I am ever in need to find another property.

-Lauren K.


Hi Jason, thank you for helping us find our first home! You were fantastic in so many ways, from listening to my many demands, to always being available (even on short notice), and helping us get in contact with the right people. You helped us out with every step from finding our new home, to making sure everything went smoothly until we moved in. As first time home buyers we were lost, but you explained everything so clearly and made the whole process a breeze. I will recommend you to everyone I know because I don't think anyone could find a more genuine and caring agent than you. Thanks again! 

-Tony L.


I would recommend Jason to anyone who is looking to find their dream home. My experience with him was excellent. He listened very carefully to what I was looking for, and paid a lot of attention to what I liked and didn't like about the properties he showed me. He asked appropriate questions to help him in HIS search for the perfect home for ME. If I had questions about a specific listing, he would promptly respond with answers to all my questions and more. He was very organized and I really appreciated his attention to details. He is a genuine guy who will help you find the perfect home as if he is searching for his own.

-Richard L.


"I leased a property in the Downtown Toronto area with Jason. It's the first time I've leased a property so I had no idea what to expect -- Jason was helpful with getting me up to speed on the leasing process and was very patient as we viewed many properties before I decided. Jason is very knowledgeable about the area and properties and was able to provide an objective opinion about the properties we looked at. Communication between him and I went very smoothly as Jason would respond to emails/messages almost instantly. Overall, I enjoyed the professionalism and the fact that Jason was patient with my decision process, able to provide an objective opinion, knowledgeable about the area, and that we were able to communicate well. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking to lease a property in the Downtown Toronto area as my experience working with him was excellent."

-Phil N.


Jason was referred to us by a close family friend so we knew he could be trusted from the get-go. He was very professional and timely with assisting us with what we were looking for in a new home. This was our first home purchase and we are happy to have worked with Jason to find the perfect one. His great service didn't stop once we found our home either. He provided us with information and contacts for the next steps and continues to be a great support if we so need. Thanks Jason. 

-Sylvia K.


As a first time home buyer, the sheer number of questions was overwhelming. Fortunately, Jason was there to patiently answer all my questions, no matter how silly they seemed to be, and walked me through the whole process, one step at a time. This experience has been one of my best experiences and I am truly grateful for having an agent like Jason by my side. Thank you, Jason, for helping me discover a place I now call home.

-Ji Young C.


Working with Jason Hong was a blast! Jason is the epitome of professionalism and great work ethics. He was very patient with me, a first time solo renter, he was very upfront and explained in detail of all the contracts and procedures. I also found his dedication to his client worth of a mention, Jason always answered my emails or calls promptly, even on weekends. It was a great pleasure working with Jason, and I would highly recommend anyone looking to find a place to use this fine gentleman!

-Paul X.

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